Enhance the experience of swimming

in a whole new dimension by digitalizing pools to entertain any kind of swimmers,
so that they can improve their physical and mental health.

The Pool-On Experience

Our ambition: Reinvent your swimming experience, to escape, to learn, to progress, to enjoy or to relax. While our underwater beamer makes the magic happen.

Pools floors are converted into a new media and it allows to broadcast multiple innovative dedicated contents.

The Technology

We developed a unique licensed underwater beamer, easy-to-use and removable, thanks to a plug-and-play system. It turns any pool floor into a screen. To achieve such a performance, we masterized all the immersion stakes: optic, power, waterproof, heat, pressure and fixing.

  • Quick installation and set-up
  • No work needed
  • Easy-to-use with its dedicated app

Our Content

We develop dedicated contents to learn, rehabilitate or perform. We work for all the different kinds of swimmers and offer them entertainment while practicing.
It is no longer about swimming lessons or counting laps, but living experiences.
Follow a sea animal, explore a lagoon or compete with an avatar, it’s up to you !

We are the new Netflix for Pools, with an unlimited catalog to answer any wish.

Content to improve the practice, to help rehabilitation, adapted to different audiences

Increase the time spent swimming during a lesson, foster the knowledge of swimming through age classes

Entertain families, bring them back more often in the pools

To be challenged, to entertain and boost trainings

Augment the experience to be more attractive and entertain

RAISE AWARENESS to preserve marine ecosystems, INTRODUCE for disable audiences who want to turn to swimming, etc.

Our Team

Summer 2021 – What happens when an entrepreneur, former professional swimmer who had left pools for 2 decades, has fun while swimming in the sea ? He thinks he should transfer this experience and democratize it !

Just after that first experience, Matthieu shares his feelings with Gwenaël – former Intrapreneur in FinTech & Insurance – and they decide to use technologies to reproduce it.
Passionate about technological innovations and sports, they are convinced that digitalization must contribute to help people practice more sports.

From a first home-made plexiglas box to immerse a beamer to a reliable prototype, while onboarding Alain Bernard – Matthieu’s old friend from pools, Olympic swimmer, consultant for pools management, they quickly realize the infinite possibilities and applications their project can cover.

They gather experts and consultants about optronic and content development, and organize their first fundraiser. This is how they start pre-market submissions by fall 2022.

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